HARMSEN TRADING is specialised in business development on international markets.

We represent German small and medium enterprises who want to enter new markets whose business is defined by a complex market situation, different culture and mentality, long distance and or different languages.
HARMSEN TRADING is focusing on markets in the Middle East, Asia, Russia. In all these regions we collaborate with local partners who are known to us for many years and who are part of our vast network. Our way of doing business is based on trust and transparency and close cooperation with our customers and partners. Our global network is our major strength.


Personal Profile of SABINE HARMSEN –
Master degree in business Chinese (Dipl.)

  • Owner Harmsen Trading GmbH
  • Manager Sales and Marketing, Pro Ades, Bonn
  • Head of Marketing and PR, Health Sector, Bonn
  • Director Sales and Marketing, Vietnam Trade House, Ho Chi Minh City
  • Assistant to Managing Director, Philipp Holzmann, Bangkok
  • Merchandiser, Quality management, Quelle, Hong Kong
  • Purchasing Department, Anavil, Hong Kong
  • Chamber of Commerce, Hong Kong
  • University of Nanjing (Teachers College)
  • University of Bonn (Rheinische-Friedrich-Wilhelm-Universität)